TSA Employee Attempted to Destroy Terror Database

March 12, 2010 at 10:41 am 1 comment

Well everyone, here is another of our fine TSA employees hard at work ounce again. Apparently TSA analyst Douglas Duchak though it would be  great idea to introduce a logic bomb into a TSA network before he was terminated. The target specifically were systems that handled the “No Fly List”. From what I have been reading it was a failure and Duchak was arrested.

I would like to point out these are the type of people the TSA continues to hire on a daily basis. This person had access to peoples vital information and committed a criminal act. We are lucky this was a low risk attempt because the “No Fly List” in itself is pointless. But imagine if this person decide to steal your private information such as your social security number. The results could be disastrous.  These people who are hired by such low standards have open access to our information and are allowed to basically do whatever they want. As tax payers we deserve better than this.


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  • 1. Dr. R. E. Sullivan  |  May 7, 2010 at 6:20 am

    The TSA has convinced me that flying within the US is no longer an option. I believe that we’d be way ahead of the game if we simply disestablished the entire network comprising TSA. I’d gladly take my chances of a bad guy being aboard an airplane I happened to be riding on rather than go through the humiliating scrutiny of people whose IQ is half that of their hat size. Unfortunately, in my younger days when I was a Marine in Korea I acquired a varied assortment of Chinese metal. This means that when I go through the metal detector it sets off gongs that even the pin heads in Washington could hear if they were listening. This unhappy circumstance leads inevitably to my being “wanded.” This procedure is much too much like surrendering to an enemy, with my hands up in the air and looking like the Italian Army on maneuvers. On the other hand, since I consider TSA to be the enemy of all righteous travelers, all you may do under the circumstances is surrender to their idiotic dictates.


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