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TSA Management at Dulles Drop AWOL Charges against Screeners Who Called in Sick During a Blizzard.

Well I was wondering when this was going to happen. In case some of you may not know, the TSA management at Dulles International Airport decided to mark screeners whom were unable to come to work  during the past two months record breaking snow storm AWOL.  AWOL or absence with out leave is a very serious charge to have against you if you are a screener. If you have this on your record, your TSA “career” is basically over. With this marked against you, a screener will always be passed over for promotions and advancement within the TSA. This is a very piss poor policy as it is never applied across the board for everyone. Management loves to abuse this power as I have seen it abused many times at CVG.

From what I have read it looks like Dulles management is being held accountable for their actions, because they did not follow their own procedures for granting leave (imagine that). All screeners who missed work because of the storm are now being granted leave instead of AWOL.  Other airports should take note.

I’m not sure why but most of  TSA management believe they are untouchable. They feel they can do whatever they want at any given time. They continue to treat screeners as if they are somehow beneath them. They lack the basic managerial skill to figure out a plan for a snow storm that they knew was on the way, so they take out their aggravation on the screeners. These are the same managers who are supposed to make the big decisions in the event of a terrorist attack (makes you feel real safe doesn’t it). Hopefully who ever made the decision to give screeners AWOL was fired. They have no business being in the position they were given.


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TSA Employee Attempted to Destroy Terror Database

Well everyone, here is another of our fine TSA employees hard at work ounce again. Apparently TSA analyst Douglas Duchak though it would be  great idea to introduce a logic bomb into a TSA network before he was terminated. The target specifically were systems that handled the “No Fly List”. From what I have been reading it was a failure and Duchak was arrested.

I would like to point out these are the type of people the TSA continues to hire on a daily basis. This person had access to peoples vital information and committed a criminal act. We are lucky this was a low risk attempt because the “No Fly List” in itself is pointless. But imagine if this person decide to steal your private information such as your social security number. The results could be disastrous.  These people who are hired by such low standards have open access to our information and are allowed to basically do whatever they want. As tax payers we deserve better than this.

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Sean Langdon

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